2020, my year in review

Here's what happened in my 2020

Starting from 2020 I decided to write "my year in review" for two reasons:

  • keeping track of my progresses
  • remind myself of where I was, and where I'm at now

Here's what happened in my 2020. Despite the coronavirus pandemic I couldn't say 2020 has been so bad.

Books and courses

In May, I got in touch with Manning to write a course on React, "Refactoring to React Hooks".

Almost at the same time I've also been contacted by Apress, which asked me to write a book about Django and modern JavaScript: "Decoupled Django".

In December 2020 I've been contacted by Educative to write a course on Django, React, and GraphQL. It should go live in May 2021.

Programming and open source

In 2020, I deepened my understanding of Django. I've also started to learn more about Domain-driven design, which I didn't know much about until now.

I released also my first open source Django package: django-monitus.


In 2020, I read 58 books. This is mostly because I've got stuck at home more than ever before. But I'm really proud of this achievement!

Where I was ten years ago

In 2010, I was working on an ASP website. I couldn't speak english, and reading in a foreign language gave me headache, nor I could imagine I would write courses and books in english one day!

Valentino Gagliardi

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