Pair programming, done right.

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React JS / Javascript Training

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It's taking the web by storm.

Knowing React is paramount for keeping yourself ahead of the competition.

With tailored, individual lessons I'll help you learning React in the most simple way.

How does that work?

Are you stuck on a React project? Are you trying to learn Redux but you're going nowhere?

Fear not, you're in the right place.

Building projects on your own is cool but pair programming is even more important.

For me, following courses and workshops has been always difficult. I need to study on my own, at my own pace. When I learned Javascript and React I wish I could call someone and ask questions from time to time.

This is how my training program works:

  1. Reach me out and tell me what problem are you facing (i.e. "I have project X and I'm stuck on feature Y" or "I need some lessons about React")
  2. Book a session
  3. Enjoy the lesson and learn something new
  4. Go build your dream project!

What you will learn

My lessons cover everything you can think of. Just ask.

As for React the common topics are:

  • ES6
  • Webpack
  • React
  • Redux

Are you still waiting?

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Node JS Training

One of the fundamental bulding block of today's web applications.

Node JS makes possible to create APIs , real-time web applications and much more.

Node JS is a fundamental skill.

With tailored, individual lessons I'll help you learning Node JS in the most simple way.

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Looking for React, Node.js and Javascript training?

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