Are you stuck on a frontend project? Are you trying to adopt modern JavaScript in your company?


Are you an individual? I can help you learning Web Development and JavaScript (only 2 students per month)


"Full Stack" is a bold statement but wouldn't be nice if your team could better understand modern front-end and contribute more?


Developers are happy only when learning new things. Retain your employees and attract more talents in your organization by providing them with tailored training.


I can deliver team training on-site in Europe or if you're too far we can arrange a remote workshop.




JavaScript training

JavaScript is not a poor's man language anymore.

Mastering JavaScript is paramount for the modern Web Developer.

I'll train your team about serious JavaScript stuff like:

  • event loop and call stack
  • closures
  • the "new" keyword
  • Promises and async JavaScript
  • and much more!


React training

React is an ubiquitous library for building user interfaces with a steadily growth in usage.

I can consult and help your team with:

  • React projects
  • React and Redux
  • TypeScript in React
  • Testing in React
  • React best practices


Redux training

Redux is not only a state management library. It is a powerful pattern that every front-end developer should learn. I can consult on Redux if you need help with a project or I can train your team about:

  • Redux fundamentals
  • Redux advanced patterns
  • Redux testing
  • Testing Redux
  • Redux best practices


Do you want an overview of how modern front-end development works? Do you want to embrace best practices?

I can consult and introduce you and your team to the modern JavaScript tooling. From Node.js to webpack we will work through this crazy front-end world which can't seems to stop evolving.


I'm a bit obsessed with testing web applications: from Selenium for Python to end to end testing with Cypress in pure JS apps.

I can help your team embracing the front-end workflow with a closer look at testing practices: unit testing, functional testing, testing frameworks.


"My team knows PHP, Mysql, jQuery. Could your training be useful to us?"

Is your team composed of PHP developers and you know enough jQuery to get by? You're welcome!

My JavaScript training is the next enhancement for your team skills.

Modern front-end libraries (React, Vue) are a great complement for building rich PHP applications.

"My team come from a Java background. Can you help us?"

When I show TypeScript (a typed superset of JavaScript) to a Java developer I always hear: "Wow! It kinds of map to Java 1 to 1!"

Guess what, even if your team is resisting tenaciously to JavaScript we can build great stuff and play well together.

"Our team is composed of UI designers, could your training be useful to us?"

There is an overlap between UI and front-end developers these days.

Even if you're a UI developer chances are you'll soon stumble upon React or Redux.

Can you afford to be unprepared?

Go talk to your manager and book a training session with me!


Take a look at these real feedbacks from developers I trained

Abdi Saeed Abdi Saeed / Senior Front-end Developer @ KHWS

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Valentino is a great trainer and mentor. He's flexible in his approach and tailors it to learner's needs.

What's appealing about his style is that not only he shows you "how" but also "why".

If you are looking to get up to speed or solidify your understanding, I would highly recommend Valentino.

John Amaya John Amaya / Web Developer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After years of online courses I was still feeling insecure when writing code and logic. But thanks to the training path I took with Valentino now things start to be crystal clear.

Valentino prepares a personalized path for every student, and you learn something new in every lesson.

I suggest training with Valentino to anyone feeling insecure about programming in general and JavaScript. It's the best way to learn.

Irene Tomaini Irene Tomaini / Front-end Developer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great teacher.

I like the assignments so much, they are focused on solving real practical problems with React.

The assignments are never trivial, they require an effort which helps to internalize the concepts.

Being coached with a personalized learning path is very useful and helps saving plenty of time!

Cristiano Bianchi Cristiano Bianchi / JavaScript Developer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I always studied JavaScript as a self-taught developer.

Then I decided to contact Valentino because I felt I had to dig deeper into the intricacies of JavaScript.

Valentino is able to explain JavaScript clearly, adapting the study plan to my needs.

The exercises are great too, and they help sticking JavaScript in my head. Great teacher! Recommended!

Thodoris Kallias Thodoris Kallias / JavaScript Developer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Valentino is not only a JavaScript and React expert, but also has the required ability to clearly transmit this knowledge.

He attributes great importance to testing, a field in which few have comprehensive knowledge.

He is a great teacher, and I would highly recommend him.

Luca Parlapiano Luca Parlapiano / Android Developer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Valentino is a great teacher! He is professional and prepared. He makes every topic clear and understandable. The lessons are relaxed and focused on guiding the student to clearly understand the concepts.

I've spared not less than 6 months of study and research on Redux thanks to him!


Contact me to schedule a training plan for your team

Valentino Gagliardi

Here I am

I am Valentino Gagliardi and I help busy people embracing this crazy modern JavaScript stuff.

I do training and consulting on React, Vue, Redux, and JavaScript.

I write a lot and one of my best articles is React Redux Tutorial for Beginners: The Definitive Guide. Mark Erikson (Redux mantainer) mentions my article as one of the best resources for learning Redux.

I write books too! Check out "The Little JavaScript Book".

Besides JavaScript I'm also active in the Python community. I serve as a coach for Django Girls and I've spoke at Pycon Italia. Check out my talks here

What are you waiting for?

Let's get in touch!


How does the training program work?

My training program is based on personalized learning paths.

There are no pre-recorded videos, everything is tailor-made for you.

The training program is composed of video/audio 1 to 1 sessions, with study material and exercises.

There isn't a minimal amount of sessions, it's up to you to schedule a session whenever you want.

Training sessions are paid while the study material is 100% free.


"What are the requirements for joining your JavaScript training? Do I need a Mac?"

If you want to learn JavaScript from zero, well, there are no requirements.

We can start right away!

As for the platform I work mainly from Linux and Mac. But you don't need to buy a Mac!

As long as you have Node.js and an editor, almost every operating system will do.

(Unfortunately I can't offer support for the Windows operating system).

"I want to learn vanilla JavaScript, ES6, React and Redux. How long it will take?"

Here's an harsh truth: web development is a journey. Sometimes a tough one.

Every person is different: someone makes it in 2 months, some other will need 1 year.

But here's the good news: the average coachee learns Redux in 10 days (1 lesson per day) or ~ 1 month (2 lessons per week).

Same for the advanced JavaScript path and for the React path.

Given a complete training path (JS, ES6, React, Redux) you can expect to be 100% operational within ~ 3 months (2 lessons per week) or so.


"What are the requirements for joining your React / Redux training?"

Even if we can start with React's basics, React and Redux are somehow advanced topics.

A basic understanding of JavaScript is required.

Do not worry though, you can get by with enough JavaScript, and we'll go from there, together.