Are you tired of those boring Web Development video courses?


I create personalized learning paths for you

Unlike other pre-recorded video courses I teach Web Development 1 to 1 so you can understand advanced concepts and get ready for building stuff

React Consultant Javascript Code


The web can be a toxic place for beginners. My coaching program is made of kindness.


No pre-built courses, only the stuff you're interested in.


You shouldn't be bothered with monads and functors. Learn Web Development with ease.

Why do you need a coach?

Buying dozen of courses won't make yourself a developer.

Stop wasting your money before it's too late.

Valentino Gagliardi

You want guidance, help, coaching, but you're afraid to ask.

I feel you. Rock-star developers won't bother answering your questions.

I will.

I helped dozen of developers making their way through web development.


My students say

Redux training review Luca Parlapiano

Luca Parlapiano, Android Developer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Valentino is a great teacher! He is professional and prepared.

He makes every topic clear and understandable.

The lessons are relaxed and focused on guiding the student to clearly understand the concepts.

I've spared not less than 6 months of study and research on Redux thanks to him!

"Why on hearth would I pay someone for teaching me Web Development?"

I thought the same thing years ago.

I bought dozen of courses.

I read hundreds of tutorials.

Yet I was missing something: the human factor, someone who could guide me

Do you really want to learn on your own?

Why not investing in a personal coach?

What Can I Do For You?

Javascript Training - React Training

Javascript and ES6 Training

Javascript Training

We are in 2018. Javascript is not the poor's man language anymore

Mastering Javascript is paramount for the modern Web Developer

What you will learn? Advanced Javascript concepts for levelling up your skills

(Training available as 1 to 1 or as a workshop for teams)

React Advanced Training

React Training

React is an ubiquitous library for building user interfaces, with a steadily growth in usage

Do you want to market yourself as a modern Web Developer?

Look no further.

What you will learn? React from the ground up

From basics concept to advanced patterns, testing, and Redux integration

(Training available as 1 to 1 or as a workshop for teams)

Redux Training - webpack training

Redux Training

Redux Training

Redux is not only a state management library

It is a powerful pattern that every Front End Developer should learn

Understanding Redux will open up a new world for you

What you will learn? Redux from the ground up, with ease

(Training available as 1 to 1 or as a workshop for teams)

webpack training

webpack training

Feared by most developers, webpack is a powerful module bundler

webpack can do magic things, if you can master it

From installation to code splitting I've got you covered

For you, webpack won't be a secret anymore

(Training available as 1 to 1 or as a workshop for teams)

How does the training program work? How much does it cost?

My training program is based on personalized learning paths.

There are no pre-recorded videos, everything is tailor-made for you.

The training program is composed of video/audio 1 to 1 sessions, with study material and exercises.

There isn't a minimal amount of sessions, it's up to you to schedule a session whenever you want.

Training sessions are paid while the study material is 100% free.

Take An Assessment Test

Get started now, no obligations.

I will analyse your case and see if I can enroll in my training program.

Without wasting your time.

Valentino Gagliardi

Meet your teacher

I am Valentino Gagliardi, Trainer and IT Consultant.

Tired of seeing other fellow developers wasting money on online courses I decided to launch my own training program.

I don't use pre-recorded videos: I mentor my students with care.

I do not teach function and variables: I want you to master Javascript internals.

My students gets trained to understand Javascript in its inner functioning.

So they can pass that Javascript interview.

Between one lesson and another I do consulting on React, Redux, webpack, e Javascript

I write a lot and one of my best articles is React Redux Tutorial for Beginners: The Definitive Guide

Mark Erikson, the Redux mantainer mentions my article as one of the best resources for learning Redux.

Let's get in touch! I'm on Twitter, Github or on my blog.